Tsitsaka Moto – Pepper your trip!

We invite you to join us in travelling in Georgia on modern mopeds with Wi-Fi. Amazing nature, breathtaking views, ancient legends, traditional crafts, Georgian hospitality. You will be able to share your feelings with your friends via internet without passing control of Moped (kidding), you will have to stop

By driving a moped you will be able to see much better views then out of car window
Wooden naliyah – shed for comestibles
Our mopeds allow you to share photos without getting off the saddle
Chheri Falls and another “Queen Tamar Bridge”
Moped gives you more freedom in choosing the right place for photo.
Hydroelectric power plant in Kedkedi supplies the surrounding villages with electricity
Sheds on the “chicken legs” allow to protect crops from rodents
If you get lost, we will find you by GPS
Chhutuneti waterfall height is about 40 meters
“Ku!” – Means turtle in Georgian :)
There are many items of rural life in the forge of Zaza
The old mill is now powered by electric drive