Tsitsaka Moto — Pepper your trip!

We invite you to join us in travelling in Georgia on modern mopeds with Wi-Fi. Amazing nature, breathtaking views, ancient legends, traditional crafts, Georgian hospitality. You will be able to share your feelings with your friends via internet without passing control of Moped (kidding), you will have to stop

Who can join the tour?

A moped of 50cc can be driven by anyone over the age of 21 and who has minimal driving experience.

Driving the 125cc moped is allowed only with a driver’s license category «A». The age of the passenger is not limited.

Do i need driving license?

Only for driving 125cc moped.

Are your mopeds insured?

Yes, our entire moto park is insured, but with certain restrictions.

Firstly, the insurance does not cover minor damages, and if you accidentally drop a little or drop a standing moped, you will have to pay 100 GEL. We deduct this amount from the security deposit you pay when you receive your moped.

Secondly, the insurance does not cover the risks of driver and passenger. Take care of accident insurance yourself. 

Thirdly, the insurance is not valid if the driver is drunk or smoked a little bit of “legal things”.

What if i don’t have any experience in driving any moped before?

It is better to practice a little in advance — driving on a mountain road requires a certain experience. For those who do not want to master the moped, we can provide option «moped with driver».

How safe is it?

For an adult sane and sober person with experience in driving a moped, our tour is absolutely safe. But still there is a little bit of extreme: sheer cliffs, bottomless precipices, turbulent water flows. Also there is a steep slopes, narrow roads, “blind” turns, fast Georgians and slow cows. Our route is able to tickle nerves, so it is interesting.

In case of minor troubles (a bee scared, bitten by a cow), the team leader has everything needs with him: from antihistamines to ammonia and toilet paper. Each moped also has a remedy for insect bites, bandages, adhesive tape and hydrogen peroxide.

How is the tour organized?

A comfortable minibus will be waiting for you in the appointed place in the city of Batumi in the morning. Please, don’t be late.

The bus will take you to the starting point of the tour (it will take about an hour). Here, you will have a briefing, sign the necessary documents and ride mopeds. The excursion tour will last approximately four to six hours. At the end of the trip, the riders will return their mopeds and go for lunch. After lunch, the minibus will take you back to Batumi.

Should everyone follow a team-leader or i can go by my own?

You can fall behind, you can go far ahead or deviate from the route — everything you want. The main thing is not to be late for the evening transfer.

But we want to warn you: overtaking a group or lagging behind it, you risk not hearing a fascinating story, not seeing alluring beauties, not meeting interesting people and not trying the tastiest dishes and drinks.

Team-leader drives in comfortable speed, you will always have time to stop to look around or make a photo.

What if I get lost?

Not a single tourist felt lost in Georgia for more than ten minutes. The locals will never allow it, they will prompt the road, shelter, heat, and maybe even adopt. But if you still get lost (accidentally cross the Turkish border, been taken prisoner by the local producers of chacha), we will find you by using the GPS tracker and help you to return safely to the route. Do not turn off the phone, stay in touch, call the dispatcher if you have any questions.

Are there any circumstances under which the Tour will be canceled?

In the mountains, torrential rains, thunderstorms, landslides, rockfalls and other natural disasters may occur. If this happens on the day of the planned trip, we will change the date to another day convenient to you, or refund the money.

The weather in mountains differs from Batumi: when it rains in the city, the sun can shine here. We will monitor the forecast and inform you in advance if the weather suddenly deteriorates.

May I book the tour and then cancel it?

If you cancel your reservation at least 24 hours before your scheduled arrival, we will refund the full cost of the tour.

What dishes will be served for lunch?

The lunch menu is determined every day by the Chief based on the availability of food in the kitchen, the position of the stars in the sky and his own mood. In any case, we promise that it will be interesting and delicious Georgian-Ajarian cuisine. We will send you the specific menu the day before the trip. If you have a food allergy, religious or dietary restrictions and preferences, please let us know in advance, we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Can I drink a little bit of Wine?

Only after the end of the Tour.

During the trip, locals may offer you to taste alcoholic drinks out of a desire to sell them or because of the goodness of their heart. Such offers can be difficult to refuse. If you gave up the slack and still drank wine or chacha, do not take the risk of driving. Call the dispatcher, we will drive you back by car. We remind you that a «drunk» accident in Georgia is a criminal offense and is punishable by prison. The damage will also have to be covered from your own wallet — if the driver is not sober, the insurance will not work.

What should I bring with me?

Passport, driving license with category A (if you plan to ride a 125-cc moped), sunglasses, sunscreen. In case you would like to swim in the mountain river take swimsuit and small towel 🙂